Norse Creatures

Fenrir Wolf

The Fenrir Wolf is a gargantuan wolf that was bound by Tyr with a magical chain called Gleipnir.  It was prophesied that once the Fenris wolf was free, it would destroy all of humankind.  Fenrir was one of the offspring of Loki.


The Jörmungandr was a giant serpent-dragon that was so large that it could encircle the Earth.  Like the Fenrir, it was also an offspring of Loki.  Legend held that Thor would battle Jörmungandr at the end of the world.


The Jotun are giants of Norse Mythology.  They were often at battle with the gods of Asgard.  Legend held that the gods of Asgard would battle the Jotun at Ragnarök, the end of time, and all life would perish.


The Kraken likely first appeared in a Norse story called Örvar-Oddr, which was about the hero Örvar-Oddr.  In the story, the hero crossed the Greenland sea and spotted giant sea monsters that were as large as islands and were capable of swallowing whales.

Odin’s Ravens

Odin had a pair of ravens named Huginn and Muninn that flew around the world every day, and brought information back to Odin.


Valkyries were female humanoid types of deities that decided which soldiers would be slain in battle, and which of those slain in battle would make it into Valhalla.  Depending on the tale, Valkyries would fly or ride on horses to carry the dead.  In many tales, Valkyries engage in additional activities, including serving wine and living with humans at times.

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