Norse Gods


Baldur was the most handsome of the gods in Asgard.  In Norse mythology, he was the champion of  goodness, innocence and forgiveness.


Heimdall was the watchman of the Norse gods.  Like Baldur, he was also known to be handsome.  He had extraordinarily acute senses that aided his duties as a watchman.


Loki was a very well-known deity and is also well known in modern times.  He was known as the trickster and mischievous god in Norse mythology, and engaged in battles with several of the gods of Asgard, such as Thor and Baldur.


Njord was the Norse god of the sea, and also of wind and fertility.  He was a major god among the Vanir deities.


Odin was the father of the Norse gods.  It was believed that he created the universe after he killed the primal frost giant Ymir.  Odin sat in a throne called Hlidskjalf in Valhalla, where he watched over the 9 worlds.


Thor is probably the most well known Norse deity.  He was the god of lightning and thunder, and his magical hammer was thought to be able to crush mountains.


Tyr was the Norse deity of battle and courage.  He was once known as the chief deity, but his role shifted over time.  Tyr engaged in battle with the evil wolf-creature Fenrir, and lost his hand in the process.

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